Bild 3
TOSCH & LITTLE-H FEAT. KAMYLA - Don't Look Back (C 47/A 45/KNM)FRANK DEGREES FEAT. SHELLY DEE - I Want You 2 B Mine (Mental Madness/KNM)LIQUIDFIVE, CAP & CHINO - No Sugar (5L Records)
MICAST FEAT. KYA - Moonlight Shadow (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM)GRIMALDO FEAT. JENNY WAKEANDBAKE - The Joint (Mental Madness/KNM)NEWCLAESS - When I'm With You (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM)
MAURICE DA VIDO - Believe In Me (Mental Madness/KNM)STREAM - Don't Go (Mental Madness/KNM)JOHNNY CHICAGO FEAT. KHEPRI & OKE - Wah Wah (Tkbz Media/Virgin/Universal/UV)
DJ OSTKURVE FEAT. ENZO AMOS & BIG DADDI - That's Amore (2k20) (C 47/A 45/KNM)DER NERD - Mr. Tinder (Fiesta/KNM)JULIE LORENZI - Wechselbad Der Gefühle (Fiesta/KNM)