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GUENA LG FEAT. ICE MC - Think About The Way

High 5/Planet Punk/KNM
GUENA LG FEAT. ICE MC - Think About The Way (High 5/Planet Punk/KNM)

GUENA LG FEAT. ICE MC "Think About The Way"

In the spring of 1994, no one could escape from Ice MC's dance smash hit "Think About The Way". Top 20 of all singles and clubs charts all over Europe, "Think About The Way" featured the voice of Alessia Aquilani, a.k.a Alexia.

For some, this song also evokes Trainspotting, "Think About The Way" being the main theme of the OST of the movie, which has also become cult.

23 years later, the DJ and French producer GUENA LG dusts the piece and offers a very current replay.
"I grew up in the 90s, I'm part of this generation" says GUENA LG. "Think About The Way" remains one of the hottest hymns of this period. Behind this strong synth gimmick, the lyrics are politically engaged and advocate a message of tolerance against racism and discrimination. "Think About The Way" calls for questioning. It is clear that two decades later, the subject is unfortunately still relevant ... and that I still love this song”.

Very attached to the vocal parts, GUENA LG collaborated with Robyx (initial producer of the piece) to rework from Alexia’s performance.

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