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GLOBAL DEEJAYS - Hey Girl (Shake it)

Planet Punk/KNM
GLOBAL DEEJAYS - Hey Girl (Shake it) (Planet Punk/KNM)

GLOBAL DEEJAYS "Hey Girl (Shake it)"

The super catchy "Hey Girl (Shake It)" kicks off this years release schedule for the GLOBAL DEEJAYS, following up on the success of their massive Moombahton-styled hit "Work". Their latest offering is an energy driven, hip-hop induced dance track, featuring lyrics from iconic US rap duo "Outhere Brothers".
German maestro Niels Van Gogh toughens it up a notch with his heavy-hitting, bass-house flavored revision, adding up to a great package for all major dance-floors worldwide.

The brothers DJ Taylor and Flow, better known as GLOBAL DEEJAYS, are a stylistically influential and integral part of the 3rd century international dance scene.
They've received a countless number of awards, including the MTV Award for their legendary track "The Sound of San Francisco" as well as the NJR DJ Award and four Austrian Dance Awards as "Best Producer" and "Best DJs".
Thanks to their many hits that have climbed their way to #1 on dance charts in the USA ("Get Up" with Technotronic), UK ("My Friend" with Ida Corr) and Russia ("Zelenoglazoe Taxi" Remix), they've become one of the most sought-after dance acts worldwide.
2013 saw the GLOBAL DEEJAYS land in the Top-10-Hits in France with "Hardcore Vibes", collaborate with US vocalist Chris Willis (known from David Guetta's "Love is Gone") on the dance hit "Party 2 Daylight" and in 2014 they busted charts worldwide with their remake of the MGMT classic "Kids".
After last years club banger „Work”, a massive Moombathon-styled club banger featuring that classic acapella by Puppah Nas-T and Denise, which was #1 in major European radio, Global Deejays are coming up with their new track in 2018:
The super catchy "Hey Girl (Shake It)" kicks off this years release schedule. This energy driven, hip-hop induced dance track features lyrics from iconic US rap duo "Outhere Brothers".

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