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Tkbz Media/Virgin/Universal/UV
JOHNNY CHICAGO FEAT. OKE - Fly Away (Tkbz Media/Virgin/Universal/UV)


JOHNNY CHICAGO is a producer and artist from Luxembourg. With Oke he produced and wrote the Song "Fly Away", a beautiful and powerful Hitsong

Luxembourg has changed my life in every way (education, music, and sports). This country gave me the opportunity to use my talents and show the world what I am capable of doing “ this is how the 20-year-old Oke that fled from Nigeria to Luxembourg in 2008 describes his new home. School, Sport, and music are essential to him. An outstanding career that began in his homeland in the choir.
His aunt Tiwa Savage is a famous Star already and Signed by Jay Z. Music runs in his family. His ambition pushes him to join his school choir where he started performing in some of their shows.

The soulful R & B voice stands for emotional, harmonious but also motivating Songs. "Waiting For So Long" was his first Song hitting the radio rotations in Luxembourg.

The Single was released through the German label Sevenus. Through German Label Tokabeatz his next single, “Bleeding” appeared on 18.05 2018. On 08.06.2018 his next collaboration with Noize Generation Feat. Oke "Weekend" was released in Europe and entered the Italian and French Charts.

"My goal is to reach people’s heart with my voice and help the world to be a better place." On 21.06.2018 he represented Luxembourg at the final of the 11. "Welcome to Europe Festival" at Europapark Rust.
Together with his rapper partner "Khepri" he performs his Song "Freedom," and they took home the 1. Spot.

"Fly Away" describes wonderfully the yearning to escape from everyday life and problems.

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Tkbz Media
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