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OKE - Sunshine In My Face

Tkbz Media/Virgin/Universal/UV
OKE - Sunshine In My Face (Tkbz Media/Virgin/Universal/UV)

OKE "Sunshine In My Face"

OKE is a young artist from luxembourg. He wrote and produced ‘sunshine in my face’ with johnny chicago and Khêprí. After fleeing Nigeria in 2008, ‘i started seeing life in a different perspective. Education, sport, family and last but not least music have a huge impact in my life, thanks to the beautiful country luxembourg for all the great opportunities and support’ this is how the 21 year old describes his new home who’s carrier started in a choir in his homeland nigeria.

His ambition pushes him to join the school choir where he started performing in some their shows.

His first gig was with miss georgia gray ‘waiting for so long’ hit the radio station in luxembourg and became a hit. The song was released through Sevenus a german label. Through german label Tokabeatz OKE's next single Bleeding was released on 18/05/2018. On 08/06/2018 his hit collabortion ‘weekend’ with Noize Generation was released through songmusic in italy and entered the charts in France, Germany and italy.

‘My goal is reach people with my voice and help the world to be a better place’ on 21/06/2018 he represented luxembourg at the 11th editition of welcome to Europe at europapark rust where he took the home.
"Sunshine In My Face" is OKE's second single as a solo artist. This jam describes OKE's life, what he stands for and what he believes in. ‘ I would say this single is a summerhit because it has everything you need’

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Tkbz Media
Virgin Records
Universal Music


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