KLAAS - How Far Can We Go

You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM
KLAAS  - How Far Can We Go (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM)

KLAAS "How Far Can We Go"

Back to the 80’s? No.., we aren’t sharing today any of those songs we’ve all grown to love over the years - although some may think “How Far Can We Go” is one of those cover versions from that period of time.
At first, when you hear the sound, you’ll think you’ve gone back in time, but a closer listen will reveal that this song is all actually from this era.
Clearly music from the 80’s has influenced many artists, inspiring them to cover songs from bands we’ve all loved over the time. However, and in order to in keeping with the trend, KLAAS wrote this song together with songwriter Matthew Tasa.
With “How Far Can We Go”, KLAAS proves that the sound of the 1980’s will never really go out of style. So why don’t you just crank up the volume?

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You Love Dance
Planet Punk Music


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