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SERGIO MAURI FEAT. OMZ - Talk To Me (Tb Festival/Toka Beatz/Believe)GIORGIO GEE - No Superstar (Big Blind/Planet Punk/KNM)TOMMY MC X AMBER J - On My Own (Mental Madness/KNM)
MICAST FEAT. KYA - Moonlight Shadow (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM)FILIPPIN FEAT. JODIE FITZGIBBON - Chasing After You (TB Media/KNM)DAN KERS - Back In USA (Mental Madness/KNM)
KERY FAY & SCOTTY - Real (C 47/A 45/KNM)DJ MUSCLEBOY - Muscle Club (High 5/Planet Punk/KNM)PAST PRESENT - Guantanamera (Bodybangers Mix) (Nitron/Sony)
STEREOACT FEAT. VANESSA MAI - Ja Nein Vielleicht (Ariola/Sony)ELA - Bis Der Mond Vom Himmel Fällt (Electrola/Universal/UV)JULIAN DAVID - Ohne Limit (DA Music)

MELLOTON - Cambodia

MELLOTON - Cambodia (TB Media/KNM)MELLOTON "Cambodia"

MELLOTON loves House, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal and other groovy sounds. And so it's a normal thing, that his interpretation of the world wide hit "Cambodia" is so deep and catchy!

We are very happy about this release. Go deep, listen and feel the harmonies!
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DJ GOLLUM & A. SPENCER - In The Shadows 2k19

DJ GOLLUM & A. SPENCER - In The Shadows 2k19 (Global Airbeatz/Zooland/Zebralution)DJ GOLLUM & A. SPENCER "In The Shadows 2k19"

DJ GOLLUM & A. SPENCER did a fantastic rework of the 90s Track of The Rasmus "In The Shadows". They produced a huge Clubburner, which will be celebrated by the crowd! This track is already played by the most popular Radio-Stations in Germany. DJ GOLLUM & A. SPENCER are on the way to Rock the Clubs !!!! After the 2k8 release the two buddies refreshed this track in a 2019 style.

Remixsupport by Marcus Maison, Neytram, PLUMZ, Blaikz & David Jedom, Phillerz, Shinzo and Chris Diver.

Don’t miss this Tune, cause the crowd will love it!!!!
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FELIX & DEAN FEAT. DISCOMAKERS - High Pretentions (Lit Bit/Planet Punk/KNM)FELIX & DEAN FEAT. DISCOMAKERS "High Pretentions"

Als Resident DJ‘s der deutschlandweit bekannten Hypercat Tour können sie einiges vorzeigen!
Mit ihrer sympathischen Art und Weise und dem starken Willen immer größere Ziele zu erreichen, haben sie es bis heute in nationale und internationale Clubs, sowie auf Festivals geschafft. Dem weltweit Nr.8 platziertem Bootshaus Club in Köln, nationale und auch internationale Festivals wie das ULTRA Europe, New Horizons oder dem Spring Break Island Festival in Kroatien zählen längst zu ihren Referenzen!
Satte Elektrobeats welche mit Einflüssen aus Hardstyle, Future- und Bass House gemischt werden spalten den Floor in eine riesige Wall of Death und lassen die Stimmung aufkochen.
Spätestens wenn der nächste Moshpit eröffnet wird, bleibt kein Tanzbein mehr still!
Mit ihrem ersten Release auf Planet Punk/ Lit Bit konnten FELIX und DEAN schon in den ersten 3 Monaten knapp 500k Plays auf Spotify generieren.

Am 1. November folgt nun das Remix Bundle zu "High Pretentions“.
Um nun auch die Clubs und DJ’s zu erreichen verpflichteten FELIX & DEAN die Remixer Moestwanted und Mikabu.

Get Ready for "High Pretentions“!
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ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ - Nostalgia (TB Clubtunes/Toka Beatz/Believe)ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ "Nostalgia"

Under the alias of ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ, there is a 23-year-old Kamil Bobin from Poland. He lives in Olsztyn on a daily basis. In the music he is interested from an early age. The idols were, among others, Manian, Scooter and DJ Gollum.
At the age of 15, he decided to deal with the production of music. The beginnings were extremely hard, but the passion won. Unfortunately, 3 years later, for family reasons, and to start making a living, he had to suspend his career. At the turn of 2017 and 2018 he made contact with Jakub Stępień aka Dancefloor Kingz and the adventure with the Hands Up genre that produces from under the Maxim alias.
After nearly a year, he decided to expand his musical horizons and created a project by Roberto Rodriguez, who deals with EDM music.
At the moment Kamil cooperates with such labels as Pulsive Media, Seriously Records, BEDM-Records, Red Lizard, Rivaside Records, Sea Air Media or OTB.
His works are among others on prestigious compilations such as Technobase or Miami 2019
In addition, he regularly presents his works to well-known music labels and producers, including Revealed Recordings, Spinnin Records, Dharma Music, Protocol Recordings, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Blasterjaxx.
The songs found recognition in the eyes of such personalities as Uberjak'd, Rocco, Giorno or Brooklyn Bounce.
Musical works are popular among others on DemoDrop or Reverbnation.
They are played in radio stations around the world such as iHeartRadio, Radio Sydney, VibeFM or Radio Westerkwartier
The ads are displayed on recognized Billboard, Daily Mail, MTV and The Guardian websites
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JOHNNY CHICAGO - Aces (Tkbz Media/Virgin/Universal/UV)JOHNNY CHICAGO "Aces" VÖ: 25.10.2019

"Aces" is the new single by JOHNNY CHICAGO.
After several releases as a producer for other artists, this time he's in front of the microphone himself. The result is an energetic vibey song perfect for checking out of everyday life.
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