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Toka Beatz/Believe
PAUL HAUSWALD - You & I (Toka Beatz/Believe)


PAUL HAUSWALD has been a DJ since 2010. He has always been supported by his best friend Friedrich Vetter. He worked together with him on DJ-Sets, Shows etc. Both have been working since 2013 as Resident DJ’s & Eventmanager, arranging bookings and events for the “Eastclub” in Bischofswerda.

In these DJ-Sets they follow a real clear aim, i.e. to give the public an unforgettable experience through music and entertainment. These nerve tickling shows produce goose pimples – and a festival feeling in every locality. Furthermore, in April 2014 they decided to officially join together and founded the DJ duo “WWB" - the World Weekend Brothers. They were soon well known through their breathtaking DJ–Sets, using pyro, smoke and confetti and thereafter many engagements followed.

Further in 2015, Paul began to have an interest in the production of electronic Dance music. He was very ambitious and tried different methods in order to learn what was necessary. Finally, in autumn 2016 Paul decided to launch another project as a solo artist under his name, in order to realize his ideas.

His previous musical career, before being a DJ, is a great help to him in this production. Since childhood, the love of music was encouraged by the instruction in many instruments, as well as vocal using in different possibilities. The acquired knowledge is now given through the remixing and producing of electronic Dance music. PAUL HAUSWALD is happily looking forward to the coming years and eagerly awaits the musical experiences, which lie ahead.

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Toka Beatz


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