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You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM
WILHELMSSON - Boum! (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/KNM)


Call out from Germany; electro newcomer WILHELMSSON breaks down language barriers in his goal to carry his message through the irresistible music he creates. Although some might not understand the language, but the stellar electro-style rhythms and timeless production do the talking.
Implementing an intense attention to detail in his music making, "BOUM!" by WILHELMSSON is instantly memorable - with light lyrics and soaring bass that's ingrained in your head almost immediately. The animation and visuals resurrect the imagery of the late 1930’s in black and white videography that brings art to life. The electronic tone carries through the melodic piece and is said to be a humorous, energetic new edition of a dance party. So, if you’re feeling like making the best of the night and dance – shake the room with "BOUM!"
‘BOUM!’ was originally a popular 1938 song by the French singer/songwriter Charles Trenet that won him the Grand Prix du Disque. The song has featured in a variety of films and documentaries, including The World at War, 007 Skyfall (Daniel Craig), Something's Gotta Give, Toto the Hero and A Good Year (Russell Crowe). The "BOUM", which WILHELMSSON refers to in this song, literally translates into ‘love at first sight’. He not only gives it his ‘best shot’ with this pick, for "BOUM!" he also signed up with music label Planet Punk Music.

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You Love Dance
Planet Punk Music


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