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ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ - Nostalgia (TB Clubtunes/Toka Beatz/Believe)


Under the alias of ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ, there is a 23-year-old Kamil Bobin from Poland. He lives in Olsztyn on a daily basis. In the music he is interested from an early age. The idols were, among others, Manian, Scooter and DJ Gollum.
At the age of 15, he decided to deal with the production of music. The beginnings were extremely hard, but the passion won. Unfortunately, 3 years later, for family reasons, and to start making a living, he had to suspend his career. At the turn of 2017 and 2018 he made contact with Jakub Stępień aka Dancefloor Kingz and the adventure with the Hands Up genre that produces from under the Maxim alias.
After nearly a year, he decided to expand his musical horizons and created a project by Roberto Rodriguez, who deals with EDM music.
At the moment Kamil cooperates with such labels as Pulsive Media, Seriously Records, BEDM-Records, Red Lizard, Rivaside Records, Sea Air Media or OTB.
His works are among others on prestigious compilations such as Technobase or Miami 2019
In addition, he regularly presents his works to well-known music labels and producers, including Revealed Recordings, Spinnin Records, Dharma Music, Protocol Recordings, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Blasterjaxx.
The songs found recognition in the eyes of such personalities as Uberjak'd, Rocco, Giorno or Brooklyn Bounce.
Musical works are popular among others on DemoDrop or Reverbnation.
They are played in radio stations around the world such as iHeartRadio, Radio Sydney, VibeFM or Radio Westerkwartier
The ads are displayed on recognized Billboard, Daily Mail, MTV and The Guardian websites

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