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"Time" is the new smash from TVILLING following up on the pop-anthem "100 Years" with HEDEGAARD X Echosmith, which is still rocking the dancefloors and in heavy rotation on dance radios on the UK, US, and Scandinavian markets, c/o remixes by 'Redondo', 'Tungevaag','Andrelli', ‘Meszca’, 'Le Boeuf & Pellegrini' and 'Sebastian Perez'.

"Time" is taken from the new EP by the same name, to conclude an incredibly productive year for the TVILLING-project.

Containing a compositional sample from the club-classic “Komodo” from 2000, by Mauro Picotto, “Time” is the first full vocal version, using the legendary theme.

The versatile remix package includes mixes from: 'Tobtok' (SE), 'Chapter & Verse' (UK), 'Pellegrini' (DK), ‘HUTS’ (NL) & ‘Sonny Wern (NL).


Jon Nørgaard was once Denmark’s biggest popstar. But, due to a chain of events after stepping back from the industry, now, hungrier than ever, Nørgaard is reborn under the artist name TVILLING, ready to take care of the business he left unfinished almost 18 years ago.
Nørgaard rose to fame after winning the Danish edition of Popstars in 2002, breaking records as the fastest selling Platinum debut artist in the country’s music history (a record still standing today); Denmark had never seen a teen idol of that magnitude. As is a cautionary tale with many child stars, the limelight proved all too much as he stepped away from being in front of the microphones and cameras to rebuild himself, both personally and professionally.
Turning inward to the music business, he successfully founded what grew into the biggest independent 360 music company in Denmark, including a booking company confirming up to 1,200 shows a year, the biggest privately owned label catalogue in Denmark, and credits on more than 150 gold and platinum hit releases.
Then, Covid-19 hit and the live sector and circuit grounded to a halt across the globe, and Jon found himself in his studio, locked in quarantine. Business had come to a sudden halt “and to kill time, I sat down and got back to my roots and created a demo.”. Building on old ideas and sketches on his desktop, he returned to a sample he had wanted to rework for 10 years – Swedish sensation Meja's 1997 platinum smash hit "All ‘Bout The Money”. It had never seemed to really fit the musical landscape he was working in, but now all of a sudden, it did. When Jon recorded what now became ‘Dum Dum Dum’, it was clear that he was better than ever, his passion ignited once more.
“I'm older now. I have lived,”, Jon says. “It was evident when I started singing again that the boy I used to be was gone. When you listen to a kid singing, he attacks the song with a young, curious and almost aggressive energy, but listening to a man singing, he lays back on the beat”, he observes. “There’s a confidence and a way of pronouncing words that depends entirely on where you are in your life. When you're 17, you don't know shit about love, and most teenagers in the western world don’t know much about heartaches and severe pain. You know nothing yet. But when you're 35, you've lived a bit more; you take your time to deliver the message fully”.
The highly infectious ‘Dum Dum Dum’ is a fresh take on club pop, and has racked up over 6 million streams. Proving his constant creative output, he returned in quick succession with the releases: ‘Free’, ‘La La La’, ‘Alone’ and ‘Time’ (single + EP). The EP including a new song ‘Thinking About You’.
The collab with Danish producer HEDEGAARD, and US group Echosmith on ‘100 Years’, has resulted in heavy airplay on US dance radios, and top20 entries on the German and Danish dancecharts.
Speaking about his artist name Tvilling (Danish for twin or Gemini, Jon’s zodiac sign), Jon states several reasons as for why he chose it. ”Firstly, this project is a total rebirth. I want a new beginning, both as an artist and as a human being. Secondly, Geminis are often described as non-original thinkers, but with great abilities to adopt and convert other people's ideas in new and unusual ways” – a set of skills Jon also recognizes in himself, as Tvilling’s coming releases will be based on samples, reused, and repolished in an updated contemporary sound, something that shines the spotlight in the production prowess and originality. Where he could have easily taken the covers-route, he was inspired by the classic techniques of sampling to reflect his breath of knowledge and fortify this with his forward-thinking craft. ”And thirdly, I feel like the duality of the term holds the possibility of telling stories of both the brightest and the darkest days in life”.
Now that he’s caught fire again, Jon vows he won’t be stopping too soon. “I feel like I've been asleep for so many years and now I am wide awake, with an incredible hunger to create again”, Jon accounts. “I've been a maniac working day and night in the studio. I can’t wait to share the songs we're creating right now”. In the moment least expected, during the height of the global Covid-19 crisis, fate had it that Jon reconnected with what he thought he’d lost forever almost 18 years ago. “I am doing this for me, my son, and for every adult out there who thinks their time to dream big is over. It’s not. I’m living proof”.

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